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In the PINK

My lovely beautician lady Sarah has been so pleased with the domestic chores I’ve completed for her during 2020, that she’s appointed me as Domestic Goddess of the year! I really am tickled pink with that! Text or email if you want to be added to my list of satisfied clients!

Deep Clean

Time to book your deep-clean appointment. Let the Domestic Goddess transform your Bathroom into a zone of peace and tranquillity. Slip into a sparkling bath tub and pamper yourself to perfection.

Spring Clean

Time for you to book your spring clean deep clean. Let the Domestic Goddess bring a sparkle and shine into your life with the Maid for You cleaning, ironing and gardening service. I have a very long hose that reaches into every crack and crevice!

Spring is Sprung

At last, I can cast off the shackles of winter and get the legs out on display once more. Short skirts, high heels and a bold make-up makeover gives me the inner glow once more! A dress certainly lifts the gloom of lockdown.

Maid to Smile

As the cation says, I smile when you smile at the sparkle and shine I bring to your home. Maid you smile perhaps should be the name of my domestic goddess business? What do you think?

Domestic Goddess Service

Once Covid restrictions are finally lifted, I shall restart my domestic goddess service for busy business ladies in the local community. I’m tall (6 feet 7 inches) in my high heel court sandals, so can reach the high spots other can’t reach. Be it cleaning, ironing, painting or gardening then let me help you out.Continue reading “Domestic Goddess Service”

Looking Forward!

Lockdown easing means that it’s not long to wait now until I can visit my lovely ladies who keep me on track with my beauty salon treatments. First port of call will be Raj at No+Vella for another session of laser hair removal – almost there now with hair-free legs and arms. Next up willContinue reading “Looking Forward!”

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